I’m the earth’s biggest procrastinator. I can’t believe it would take me this long to put out something here again.

My previous post was just me ranting about how crowded Fushimi Inari Shrine was when we were there. Kyoto is home to many many temples and thankfully we still managed to see another one because..  I’ve never seen a temple as big and beautiful as Kiyomizu Dera.

Before getting to the temple there is a street which got that old Japan vibe that everyone has to pass IMG_1551

When you get to the top of the street, you will find a lot more steps leading to an orange gateIMG_1546

Once you enter the gate you will start feeling a little lonely if you only have a friend with you. Cute couples were everywhere but.. don’t worry you’ll get over it real quick like I did.IMG_1558

There is a bright orange pagoda that will drive your eyes away from the happy couples IMG_1553

It’s great that in temples you are encouraged to write and hang up your heart’s desires. Sure enough your future will be just as lit and bright as an orange temple.IMG_1554







Everyone was wearing a kimono except for me.IMG_1550




I did not really do a good job in capturing how beautiful the temple really is. The temple is best known for it’s wooden structure built without using any nails. The fall foliage made the place look even more pretty! Seeing everything in orange and yellow was such a treat. I will definitely come back! I highly recommend anyone planning a trip to Kyoto to come and see it.

Kiyomizu Dera, 20161128


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