On our fourth day in Japan we took a break from the bullet train and just enjoyed our time in Tokyo. We had brunch in Harajuku and tried queuing for BTS merch at Yoyogi Stadium. I’m a fan after all but we did not wanna spend the whole day there so we hurriedly left to see Meiji Shrine located conveniently across the stadium.


We passed by these alcohol barrels which got all the emperors drunk from dynasty to dynastyIMG_1592

Autumn colors everywhereIMG_1594


The trees around the Meiji forest were donated by the people to commemorate the virtues of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. IMG_1586

There is a paid portion of the park where you can see a pond, a well and some rare plants.IMG_1591

A traditional Japanese wedding ceremony was going on when we cameIMG_1590


The shrine was really simple and had a lot less people than the other shrines we have gone too. We had a nice quiet stroll around the park which was kind of unbelievable knowing we were right in the middle of a very busy city. It’s like Central Park without the smell of horses and people buzzing their bikes. Lovely!

Meiji JIngu, 20161129


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