If you ever find yourself in Tokyo, this is the place to be. The last time I was in Odaiba it was really late at night and the only attraction I saw was the giant Gundam displayed in front of a mall. It was pretty cool but not as cool as my second visit there.

Our cool experience began when we entered the train on the “Yurikamome Line” to Daiba Station. We got the coolest view of Tokyo from our seats! The train has no drivers on board so you can sit on the very front and enjoy the view.

Odaiba is an artificial island in  Tokyo Bay made to get you confused of where you really are.

IMG_1618I thought I was back in NYC for a moment there!

They got the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge on point.

IMG_1619If you look closely you’ll see Tokyo Tower hiding somewhere.

Skytree tooIMG_1622

Sunset colorsIMG_1616

As if the view wasn’t cool enough already, Fuji TV’s building got me even more mind blown IMG_1615

The sphere on top of the TV station is open for everyone! The escalator up was so slow and high I thought I would not make it. IMG_1624

The view on our way upIMG_1623




Wide spaces scare me so I did not go beyond the second floor. I found some cool people at the building though.


I’m glad I came back! Odaiba will make you feel like you walked into the future with everything that is there. It was such a shame that we had to leave before the illuminations were lit up. NOT COOL.

Odaiba, 20161129


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