It’s taking me a while to complete my Japan entries asdhjdflkdgjlkgjgl I seriously don’t know when I’ll possibly finish everything. Real life exhaustion is always trying to make life ugly for me.

On our fifth day in Japan we took the bullet train to Osaka! I only took a few shots of this location because I did a post about it two years ago.

It was my first time riding the shinkansen(bullet train) to Osaka and we got some amazing view of Mt. Fuji from our train window. IMG_1726

Dotonbori at 11am. It took us more than 2 hours to get to Osaka from Tokyo Station.IMG_1723

I couldn’t take a pretty shot of Dotonbori river but here it is.IMG_1724

Day made because Nino is still the face of Salonpas which has a huge billboard in the middle of the shopping district.IMG_1722

We came to Osaka for Universal Studios but I didn’t take any photos there. Yay

Dotonbori, 20161130

More Japan entries coming soon!



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