Our final stop in Japan is here! It took me more than six months to reach this post. Procrastination

We could not leave Japan without going to Disney Sea! It’s part of Tokyo Disneyland but what makes it unique is it’s not exactly under Disney. That doesn’t make sense right? They said it was built exclusively for Japan and they bought the rights to use Disney to legally link the park to Disney. In other words, Disney had no part in conceptualizing the park and that’s what makes it different from any other Disney parks in the world.

Let’s go!

At the park’s entrance you could already tell that it’s not just any other Disney Park. IMG_1775

It was the first day of their 15th year anniversary celebration when we came. IMG_1780



What I love about going to theme parks in Japan is everyone looks awesome! IMG_1781





If it’s not obvious yet we came during the Christmas Season!IMG_1772



The attractions of the park were all so extra and on point! It really felt like I was in Brooklyn here.IMG_1768


The Tower of Terror peeking at the back.IMG_1770

The souvenirs were also so extra. By extra I meant the price. lol These are Swarovski figures of Disney characters.IMG_1756

This Mickey bedazzled in Swarovski crystals is worth USD 2,500.IMG_1755

The park looks even more beautiful at night.IMG_1773





At Disney Sea you will discover that it is indeed literally next to the sea, how Duffy is much more of a big deal than Mickey, all the food is too cute to be eaten, everyone is so friendly and nice, and how hard it is to resist buying all the Disney merchandise.

My trip in Japan ends here.

Tokyo Disney Sea, 20161201.


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